Bend-Over Beginner Kit Review

I’m the strap-on aficionado, as you well understand, so I was really interested in attempting out the Bend Over Beginner kit. It comes with (almost) everything you need for strap-on sex, and the parts are also quality:

– Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness
– Tantus Silk SmallD
– Tantus Silk Medium
– 2 O-rings of differing sizes

The only possible addition or enhancement, I could suggest, would be to include a nice anal sex book, or DVD. And perhaps a tiny water-based lube bottle. Still, it’s a fairly extensive collection of products to have if you’re a strap-on sex beginner, as the product name indicates.

I’m going to go one by one through the kit components. Also, since this product’s name is the “Bend Over” kit, and the dildos are on the smaller side, I’m assuming that this product is meant for anal sex, although I’m sure you could use it vaginally as well:

Tantus Silk Small

Looking at this dildo, I knew it wasn’t going to do much for me. It just felt like a finger in both my pussy and ass. I don’t really see the point when using my own fingers would have a comparable impact in spending cash on a Silk Small. The one male partner with whom I attempted this wasn’t impressed, saying he could take more, even though I was one of the first individuals with whom he tried anal play.

On the side of the plus? The Silk Small is ideal for individuals who have not had a lot of anal experience, but who want to be fucked by a strapped-on partner as opposed to being fingered. I could have seen myself using this on the Optimist, who enjoyed playing with his ass, but was overwhelmed even when I used only two of my fingers on him. Obviously, the Silk Small is harness-compatible, is longer than my fingers and has a good curve, so it’s likely ideal to look for a G-spot / prostate.

Tantus Silk Medium

The Silk Medium was more satisfying. I enjoyed it much better in my ass because it’s thicker, and actually liked to use it quite a bit in my pussy, which was surprising because it was tiny. The curve was crucial again.

Overall, for someone with little or no anal play experience, these two dildos are likely an outstanding option. The dildos are smooth, easy, straightforward and tiny. I was very interested and excited when I first experimented with anal sex, but I was also quite nervous. I don’t see any of these dildos intimidating someone who might be a little nervous and insecure to try something fresh.

To sterilize the Silks, you can wash them with 10% bleach solution, place them without soap in the dishwasher’s top shelf, or boil them for at least 5 minutes. There is also no compatibility of silicone toys with silicone lubes.

Next to my go – to anal dildo, here are the Silks, the Tantus Acute:

Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness

The harness, like the dildos, is also very simple and easy to use. It’s made of nylon with double-straps (which go under your ass as opposed to being worn like underwear) and remind me of backpack straps. You’re also adjusting them the way you’re going to backpack straps. Very simple. You can also wash the whole thing in the laundry by throwing it. The Aslan Jaguar was the first harness I ever owned, and while it’s beautiful, I wasn’t quite sure how to look after the leather. Definitely less maintenance is the Velvet Harness.

The harness is quite flexible in relation to being simple to use. It has a pocket where a bullet atmosphere can be inserted (I chose to insert the Lelo Mia that fits quite well, except for the base that protrudes from it). You can exchange various size O-rings at the front of the harness with four snap closures. The harness can also fit individuals with up to 50′′ hips. If you’re a smaller person like me and don’t like the straps that trail behind you, you can always trim them and use a lighter to melt the edges and stop them from fraying.

Personally, I really don’t like the harness that much because it’s a bit bulky and doesn’t fit my body as smoothly as the other harnesses I own. Ideally, I want to feel like #1 isn’t there when I wear a harness, or #2 is my body’s extension. When I wear the Velvet harness, I don’t feel like that; this harness feels like I’m strapping on a piece of stuff that sits on top of my cunt and acts as a foundation for a dildo. As the triangular piece of velvety material is quite thick, I don’t feel very attached to my cock anymore. Finally, I don’t discover especially sensual the fuzzy material. I’ve received the purple set, but the kit comes in black as well. I’d also like that color better than that bright purple.

So this is the kit for the Bend Over Beginner. I finally gave away all the parts of this kit, as none of them worked really for me. However, I’m happy that this kit exists and I see it as a nice buy for someone who just starts exploring the amazing spectrum of anal play.