Bend Over Boyfriend Review

I was looking forward to checking’s Carol Queen’s Bend Over Boyfriend DVD for both my interest in strap-on sex and my interest in seeing more of Carol Queen’s job.

Bend Over Boyfriend is an educational component of the erotic DVD published in 1998. (A follow-up DVD was published afterwards, with more focus on the erotic.) It was a bestseller when it first came out, during a period when (I feel) not many sexual resources were easily accessible. Carol and her partner Dr. Robert Morgan spend 30 minutes discussing why individuals find sexy pegging and how to do it right, and then spending the next 30 minutes giving us a live demo. Interspersed with the content of Carol and Robert are two pairs ‘ footage, sitting attentively first and observing their own copies of BOB, then testing the methods themselves.

Carol and Robert understand their things obviously. First, they each speak about why a individual might find hot pegging, and what they might take away from the experience. Then they delve further into some of its mechanics (which are relevant to couples of any gender mix, but here are targeted at opposite sex couples):

-Common myths about anal sex

-Communication with your spouse and whyits significant

-The prostate gland and how to play with it-Cleanliness and safety

-Foreplay and prepping (for both the pegger and the… peggee?)

-Choosing lubes, b However, their presentation leaves a great deal to be desired.

The quality of the video is not very nice, and the camera is not even focused at times!!!). (The video was created separately, which could have something to do with it.) Carol and Robert do nothing except watch the camera and speak straight. I felt like watching a sex-ed video or being taught by two teachers, not unlike those in my university courses: Carolandrobert Carol tries to alter stuff by spreading their dialog with the scenes of the couples watching the video, interacting with each other and getting ready for sex. This really does not assist to break the monotony, and is actually distracting. I mean, first of all, there are a couple of idiosyncracies I couldn’t notice from the 90s: who?

And then there’s the strange pink or green tint that appears randomly: pink not to mention this baby dressed in nothing but a doctor’s hat that comes up every now and then to feed us cheesy one-liners like “A finger a day holds away the doctor! WINK*:


Finally, watching individuals flirt, lick and get fingered is just plain fun when I try to listen and pay attention to whether or not I can use oil-based lube with a silicone dildo.

In addition to those small snatches of erotic scenes, the action does not really begin through the DVD until halfway. In all scenes, rapt attention is paid to safe sex–no one is rimmed, fingered, or fucked without latex gloves, condoms, or clinging movies (didn’t they have dental dams back then?). Again, all of the scenes are interspersed. I’d really prefer to watch them one by one.

Anyway, when he’s bent over, first Carol straps on and fucks Robert. It was an interesting scene for me to watch, because Carol and Robert are a little older than me, and I usually don’t look for individuals in their age group when I watch porn. The scene didn’t make me feel awkward or anything, it was just… exciting. Carol and Robert have amazing chemistry and obviously get into the scene very much. Carol keeps checking how Robert is doing, and Robert admits stuff he loves breathlessly. At the end, both of them achieve explosive orgasms. It’s very genuine, and I was smiled by their enthusiasm.

And then the two couples I creatively dubbed Couple #1 and Couple #2. I don’t believe any of them knows how to act in porn. The little dialog they’ve engineered sounds, and sometimes the sex scenes are uncomfortable. But about how they’re not pornstars, there’s something charming. Since this DVD is aimed at the average Joe, and its message is that anal sex is not just a crazy thing that you see in porn–that anyone can do it–it’s kind of fitting that the actors don’t look like they just went off a centerfold. That said, I’m just as superficial as the next individual, and some of the actors ‘ stuff got in the manner of my scenes pleasure.

I wasn’t Couple #1’s large fan. I wasn’t especially appealing to either of them, and Guy #1 just plain irritated me. He looks bored all the time, whether watching the video or watching his wife get naked and attempt a strap-on, even if he gets fucked up the ass hard. His excitement’s height is when he says, “oh. Oh yeah. “Girl #1 is sweet and giggly and a bit uncomfortable–quite endearing–but for me, Guy #1’s absence of emotion basically destroyed the scene. I can’t even remember much about it now, except that a couple of occasions they change positions, and Guy #1 informs Girl #1 what she likes to do.


Slightly less bored

On the other side, I really enjoyed pair #2. Girl #2 is butchy, curvy, and delicious, and I discovered Guy #2 so appealing. I believe it was the mixture of his lengthy hair, slender body, beautiful ass and ambiguous sexual oriented air mixed with a good dash of expressive sexuality that made it. Of the four, he is readily the most natural. He moans and asks for more and gets on top of Girl #2 at one stage, grinding himself on her strap-on and flinging his hair back into rapture. He also performs more with Girl #2’s strap, rubbing against her and offering her (yum) a blowjob. They also appear to be more involved than pair #1: they look at each other, smile at each other, and they seem to enjoy themselves a lot. Girl #2 is losing interest as the scene goes on, but Guy #2 is making up more than it does. Ultimately, Guy #2 goes all over the tits of Girl #2.



I really would have liked to see the girls orgasm or get more apparent enjoyment out of it, particularly as Carol made sure to emphasize that both women and men can enjoy pegging.

Pegging has already been sold to me, so I wouldn’t suggest using this DVD as a manner of trying to persuade your lover(s) to try it with you. Carol and Robert delve very carefully with little or no fluffing into all elements of anal sex. Some might say they’re a bit too thorough. (Did you understand that anal sex is actually great for hemorrhoids because it improves blood flow in the rectal region? Or that shortening of vegetables can be used as a lube, but smells really bad if you leave a stain?) If you and yourpartner(s) already want to try it, or if you just want to teach yourself, go for it.

I’m pleased personally that I’ve been watching it, but I’d rather discover something more current. For example, perhaps another one of Tristan Taormino’s guides.


  • —Type: Instructional / Porn
  • — Duration: 60 minutes
  • — Release date: 1998
  • — Directed by: Carol Queen
  • — Featuring: Carol Queen and Robert Morgan
  • — Price @ $34.95

Three of five hearts.