Lelo Bob Review

When I first held the Lelo Bob in my hands, I knew we were not meant to be… because the toy had been mailed to me to use as a prize in a contest I was holding. Nevertheless, I had carefully snuck a peak into the box, and I liked what I saw. Much like Lelo’s ad image for Bob, looking at it made me think I was carefully unwrapping an expensive, fragrant cigar. The Bob, despite its decidedly unclassy name, was sleek and gorgeous, and I knew I’d eventually want to try it out myself. Unfortunately, when I did, I realized that Bob’s functionality wasn’t quite as up to par with its attractive appearance.

Lelo Bob with a cigar

Lelo Bob with a cigar

As with all Lelo toys, Bob is presented beautifully, and comes with a satin drawstring bag and one-year warranty. It’s also made of the smooth, hard silicone that is typical of Lelo.


Due to Bob’s small size, I was able to slide it in very easily, and then… I could barely feel anything. I could feel it when I clenched around it. It felt very thin and unsubstantial. I don’t even use large plugs regularly; my go-to plug is the njoy pure plug medium. While a beginner couldn’t take the pure plug without using something smaller for a while first, it definitely isn’t size-queen material either. Bob is very comfortable, definitely, but part of the point of wearing a plug, for me, is feeling it, if only a little bit.

Was it all bad…

On the other hand, there was a part of Bob I definitely could feel, lodged between my cheeks: the handle. I’ve read some reviews that criticized Bob’s potentially unsafe base, and though I could definitely feel it, it also didn’t seem enough to prevent the entire toy potentially slipping into my ass, especially when I was sitting down. I was paranoid about the Bob being pushed in somehow, since the handle is round rather than phlanged and it seems like it could be pushed in with a little force, especially if you’ve used larger objects in your ass.

Bob, while usable by people of any gender, is essentially designed for people with a prostate, and I was fortunate enough to try it on L. He had it in while we 69ed, and here the handle was a plus. I very much enjoyed putting my finger through the loop and pulling it in and out slightly while I blew him. Afterwards, he told me that he could also feel the handle very obviously, and that the plug felt more noticeable in his butt (than, say, the Bootie), probably due to the plug’s length. He didn’t see himself wearing it for long periods of time, but definitely liked fucking me with it in.

As for cleaning: Bob is made of silicone, which is body-safe and non-porous, and can be shared after being sterilized. To sterilize the plug, you can wash it with 10% bleach solution, put it in the top shelf of the dishwasher with no soap, or boil it for at least 5 minutes. Also, silicone toys are not compatible with silicone lubes.

So, my verdict? Bob, while quite the looker, was just not for me, although I can see plenty of people, most probably anal beginners, enjoying it.


  • – Type: Anal Plug
  • – Material: Silicone
  • – Length: 3.75″
  • – Width: 1.25″
  • – Colors: Bordeaux / Deep Blue
  • – Price @ Vibrator.com: $45

I suggest using the njoy Pure Wand as an alternative.