Lovemoiselle Cecile Review

TabuToys ‘ Lovemoiselle Cecile falls short as a vibrator, yet after the first moment I used it, I wanted to hold it, and it was my go-to toy for about a month. Cecile is a luxury toy in every sense of the word–it’s not meant to be enjoyed for a quick-and-dirty wank break. Aromatic candles and mood music preferably.

Cecile is made of ceramic–a material that I never attempted before and was very enthusiastic about–and is lovely from an esthetic point of view. I admire an elegant, minimalist design–white, with two tiny flower patterns. The atmosphere tapers into the compartment of the battery, gradually becoming wider, so it feels like a flower itself.

It comes in an equally elegant box with a booklet of data and a pouch of velvet storage. I’m not using the pouch because it’s not covered, so I’m worried it’s not going to be enough to safeguard Cecile from cracking or breaking. But the box is a ideal storage device. It’s fairly tiny and comes with Cecile’s “mold” foam, preventing it from being jostled around. The booklet gave me helpful information about the toy, ceramic as a material for sex toys, and how to take care of it. You can find the same information on the website of Lovemoiselle.

Ceramic is great as a material for sex toys. It’s difficult and unyielding, unlike silicone, but much heavier than steel. It can be baked and refrigerated. It is also non-porous, and with 10 percent bleach solution or alcohol it can be sterilized. However, due to the electrical components, you can’t boil it or put it in the dishwasher. Well, you might just be able to dip the shaft into a boiling water pot, I guess.

I had my own ceramic preconceptions. I was expecting Cecile to be fragile, which wasn’t the case. Cecile definitely feels very solid, and I don’t hesitate to put it in me and thrust it away. Be cautious not to drop Cecile, however, and do not expose it to drastically distinct temperatures suddenly.

What’s nice about Cecile is that both as a dildo and a vibrator it doubles up. I attempted it as a dildo for the first time. Cecile felt cool (thank you, cold northern winter) slipping into me, but rapidly warmed up to my body temperature. As I pushed Cecile inside and outside of me, it feels like this… smoothness inside me, not an object. And, god, soft Cecile. It’s difficult and sleek compared to silicone, and just requires a dab of lube to be used comfortably. Cecile also has light ridges that greatly improve the Cecile’s feeling.

The point of straight-shafted toys I have never really understood. I mean, there’s a G-spot, isn’t every toy that should be created to identify it? I would prefer Cecile to be more curved than it is, but I could quickly reach my G-spot by angling the toy or my hips. Also, some bloggers complained in other reviews I read that the toy was awkward being broader at the base. But since I can’t even get that much of the toy inside me in the first place (usually I only fit about 5 inches of them inside me when I use toys) I didn’t have that issue.

Cecile was incredible as a dildo. I can’t really articulate why, but it feels so nice I want to use it again and again on myself.

Now, Cecile is not performing quite as well as a vibrator.

The toy requires two (not included) AAA batteries and very easily twists off the battery compartment. (After experiences with annoying, fiddly compartments, I have come to appreciate those that actually work.) The vibrations are regulated by a single button on the base–click it to switch it on, then press to cycle through the modes and click it to switch it off for a few seconds. I appreciated that in order to turn it off, I didn’t have to cycle through all the configurations that you have to do with some vibrators. To thrust, I don’t understand the base, I use the tapered end of the ceramic to do that, but if you prefer to hold on to the base, you may have some difficulty by accident pressing the button.

Cecile has five different vibration settings:

– constant – low intensity
– constant – high intensity
– pulsations – high intensity
– pulsations – low – medium – high – [pause] – high – high – high
– pulsations – high intensity – long – short – short – short – short – long

For some reason I anticipated Cecile to rattle very loudly as it was made of ceramic. Don’t ask me why I was expecting that; most vibes are made of plastic, a hard material, and they don’t rattle. On the noisy side, though, Cecile is a little bit concerned about my neighbor hearing me using it. Slender walls.

On my clit and inside of me, I attempted Cecile. The vibrations for my clit were not powerful enough. And coming from me, it tells a lot about that. I don’t need very powerful vibrations in order to get off compared to other sex bloggers I understand. When many sex bloggers complain that even the greatest setting is too fragile, I can get off the Lelo vibe on a medium environment. Inside, Cecile wasn’t doing it for me. Vibrations on my inner walls don’t really do much, and I couldn’t maneuver Cecile against my G-spot to vibrate well. The last two configurations from Cecile just confused my vagina. It’s too complex.

I love this Cecile. Thrusting it in and out of me, with Mia on my clit, actually creates a luxurious orgasm. It doesn’t label it as a vibrator though.


– Type: Traditional vibrator
– Length: 8″
– Diameter: 1.5″
– Material: Ceramic
– Vibrations: 2 speeds + 3 pulsation patterns
– Other features: slightly ridged
– Powered by: 2 AAA batteries
– Color: White with lavender accents
– Price @ $97

4 out of 5 hearts.

Bend-Over Beginner Kit Review

I’m the strap-on aficionado, as you well understand, so I was really interested in attempting out the Bend Over Beginner kit. It comes with (almost) everything you need for strap-on sex, and the parts are also quality:

– Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness
– Tantus Silk SmallD
– Tantus Silk Medium
– 2 O-rings of differing sizes

The only possible addition or enhancement, I could suggest, would be to include a nice anal sex book, or DVD. And perhaps a tiny water-based lube bottle. Still, it’s a fairly extensive collection of products to have if you’re a strap-on sex beginner, as the product name indicates.

I’m going to go one by one through the kit components. Also, since this product’s name is the “Bend Over” kit, and the dildos are on the smaller side, I’m assuming that this product is meant for anal sex, although I’m sure you could use it vaginally as well:

Tantus Silk Small

Looking at this dildo, I knew it wasn’t going to do much for me. It just felt like a finger in both my pussy and ass. I don’t really see the point when using my own fingers would have a comparable impact in spending cash on a Silk Small. The one male partner with whom I attempted this wasn’t impressed, saying he could take more, even though I was one of the first individuals with whom he tried anal play.

On the side of the plus? The Silk Small is ideal for individuals who have not had a lot of anal experience, but who want to be fucked by a strapped-on partner as opposed to being fingered. I could have seen myself using this on the Optimist, who enjoyed playing with his ass, but was overwhelmed even when I used only two of my fingers on him. Obviously, the Silk Small is harness-compatible, is longer than my fingers and has a good curve, so it’s likely ideal to look for a G-spot / prostate.

Tantus Silk Medium

The Silk Medium was more satisfying. I enjoyed it much better in my ass because it’s thicker, and actually liked to use it quite a bit in my pussy, which was surprising because it was tiny. The curve was crucial again.

Overall, for someone with little or no anal play experience, these two dildos are likely an outstanding option. The dildos are smooth, easy, straightforward and tiny. I was very interested and excited when I first experimented with anal sex, but I was also quite nervous. I don’t see any of these dildos intimidating someone who might be a little nervous and insecure to try something fresh.

To sterilize the Silks, you can wash them with 10% bleach solution, place them without soap in the dishwasher’s top shelf, or boil them for at least 5 minutes. There is also no compatibility of silicone toys with silicone lubes.

Next to my go – to anal dildo, here are the Silks, the Tantus Acute:

Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness

The harness, like the dildos, is also very simple and easy to use. It’s made of nylon with double-straps (which go under your ass as opposed to being worn like underwear) and remind me of backpack straps. You’re also adjusting them the way you’re going to backpack straps. Very simple. You can also wash the whole thing in the laundry by throwing it. The Aslan Jaguar was the first harness I ever owned, and while it’s beautiful, I wasn’t quite sure how to look after the leather. Definitely less maintenance is the Velvet Harness.

The harness is quite flexible in relation to being simple to use. It has a pocket where a bullet atmosphere can be inserted (I chose to insert the Lelo Mia that fits quite well, except for the base that protrudes from it). You can exchange various size O-rings at the front of the harness with four snap closures. The harness can also fit individuals with up to 50′′ hips. If you’re a smaller person like me and don’t like the straps that trail behind you, you can always trim them and use a lighter to melt the edges and stop them from fraying.

Personally, I really don’t like the harness that much because it’s a bit bulky and doesn’t fit my body as smoothly as the other harnesses I own. Ideally, I want to feel like #1 isn’t there when I wear a harness, or #2 is my body’s extension. When I wear the Velvet harness, I don’t feel like that; this harness feels like I’m strapping on a piece of stuff that sits on top of my cunt and acts as a foundation for a dildo. As the triangular piece of velvety material is quite thick, I don’t feel very attached to my cock anymore. Finally, I don’t discover especially sensual the fuzzy material. I’ve received the purple set, but the kit comes in black as well. I’d also like that color better than that bright purple.

So this is the kit for the Bend Over Beginner. I finally gave away all the parts of this kit, as none of them worked really for me. However, I’m happy that this kit exists and I see it as a nice buy for someone who just starts exploring the amazing spectrum of anal play.

Heart 2 Heart Cuffs Review

The Heart 2 Heart Cuffs contain three stuff that are vital to a set of cuffs, IMHO: they are inexpensive ($35), beautiful, and well-made. In reality, I’m so caught up with them that I want to attempt to gather the whole collection: another couple of cuffs, blindfold, and whips that have the added value of being decorated with rows of small red hearts that make me think of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (for me, good).

The cuffs are quite easy. To my knowledge, they are produced of true leather from reading the packaging and the description of the item, though shinier and more towards the sort of patent leather. The leather is smooth and smooth. None of the tacky, stiff, unpleasant bullshit with shitty or fake leather. They also come with buckles, studs and D-rings of shiny silver. What’s the best part? They are red and black. Which is my favourite blend of colors (um, just check this blog’s theme). Now I have my lingerie matching cuffs! Yay!

The cuffs are not lined, but they are comfortable, and without chafing I can strain against them. Also, with my fingers, I couldn’t hold the buckle loose, even the cuffs linked to a carabiner. Fairly resistant to escape.

I’m very pleased with these cuffs–it’s good to have something prettier and a little heavier duty, as functional and beautiful as the Sportsheets Under the Bed cuffs are. I have only a few criticisms: #1 The set comes with no connector whatsoever. They’re cheap enough I’m sure that including one wouldn’t kill the business. I don’t have any of them, so I had to steal a carabiner from Nalgenes, one of my roommates.

#2 The cuffs do not appear to suit individuals with thicker wrists / angles. My wrists are small, and I’m using the fourth hole already. I frankly doubt anybody’s got wrists so bony they’d have to use the first or second hole.

#3 If you look at the bottom of the cuff, the holes line is followed by some kind of lengthy cut, which runs down the length of all the holes. It’s not that large deal, and there’s no threat from the cuff to tear away or anything like that. Looking at it, though, is a bit hideous.

#4 I can’t put “2” back in the name of a sex toy. I’m not an AIM teenager, and I don’t want to have sex toys that make me feel one.

You got it there. My BDSM toybox is increasing and it’s a great complement to the Heart 2 Heart Cuffs.

Crystal Delights Plug Review

The Crystal Delights plugs aren’t just anal plugs… they’re jewelry for your ass in all respects. No, it’s not like vajazzling where crystals are superglued to you or anything else. A glass, bulb-shaped plug with a Swarovski crystal in the base is the Crystal Delights plug. It’s totally lovely, and it was my first glass toy as well, so I’m really excited to speak about it.

The plugs come with multiple colored crystals to choose from and in two dimensions–short and long, referring to the neck length. The firm that stocks and manufactures the plug effectively developed the brief version after Britni reviewed & criticized the initial plug’s length. If the service isn’t great, I don’t understand what it is!

I selected the tiny version because I’m a tiny individual. I couldn’t decide between any color, so I ended up getting the Aurora Borealis, whose colors include topaz and turquoise.

The plug is on the tiny side but the glass’s hardness makes it more substantial than may be suggested by the size. I discovered it to be comfortable enough to wear though. The brief neck fit perfectly, and it was very clever.

I can’t get over how beautiful and brilliant it is. I snapped a image the first time I put it in and immediately sent it to L. (No, I won’t post it.) He really enjoyed what it looked like.

The toy comes with a beautiful padded case of velvet and leather that closes with two elastic straps safely.

The only complaint I have about the plug is that wearing under your clothes is not appropriate, or if you are going to sit down for a long time. The base is quite dense and bulky, so under my jeans it feels a little awkward. I wasn’t able to sit comfortably either. If I sat on something soft, like a padded chair or a sofa, it was better, but difficult surfaces were out of the question. I could hear the glass clunking against the ground when I wore it under panties and a mini-skirt, then sat down on a wooden chair.

I don’t believe that should dissuade anyone from having the plug, though. This plug is intended to be hidden under clothing, not flaunted! Let it enjoy yourpartner(s) or use it during sex. Wearing this plug made me want to walk naked around the apartment (unfortunately at the time I still had roommates, so I wasn’t indulging). There are plenty of other, more affordable alternatives on the market if you want a plug for long-term wear.

There seems to have been a lot of care in this item. Each piece is hand-made, and it’s totally non-porous and body-safe since it’s made of glass. By wiping it down with 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol, you can sterilize it. (I hesitate to suggest boiling for 5 minutes as I don’t understand how the crystal is secured in the base, and I don’t know what impact boiling might have on it. I’d be unwilling to bring it on the top shelf of the dishwasher owing to potential crystal harm, too.) Next time you have to purchase a significant other donation, you’re not going to have to choose between a fancy sex toy or jewelry…

Here you can purchase your own brief AB plug.

Thank you, Delights from Crystal!

Bend Over Boyfriend Review

I was looking forward to checking’s Carol Queen’s Bend Over Boyfriend DVD for both my interest in strap-on sex and my interest in seeing more of Carol Queen’s job.

Bend Over Boyfriend is an educational component of the erotic DVD published in 1998. (A follow-up DVD was published afterwards, with more focus on the erotic.) It was a bestseller when it first came out, during a period when (I feel) not many sexual resources were easily accessible. Carol and her partner Dr. Robert Morgan spend 30 minutes discussing why individuals find sexy pegging and how to do it right, and then spending the next 30 minutes giving us a live demo. Interspersed with the content of Carol and Robert are two pairs ‘ footage, sitting attentively first and observing their own copies of BOB, then testing the methods themselves.

Carol and Robert understand their things obviously. First, they each speak about why a individual might find hot pegging, and what they might take away from the experience. Then they delve further into some of its mechanics (which are relevant to couples of any gender mix, but here are targeted at opposite sex couples):

-Common myths about anal sex

-Communication with your spouse and whyits significant

-The prostate gland and how to play with it-Cleanliness and safety

-Foreplay and prepping (for both the pegger and the… peggee?)

-Choosing lubes, b However, their presentation leaves a great deal to be desired.

The quality of the video is not very nice, and the camera is not even focused at times!!!). (The video was created separately, which could have something to do with it.) Carol and Robert do nothing except watch the camera and speak straight. I felt like watching a sex-ed video or being taught by two teachers, not unlike those in my university courses: Carolandrobert Carol tries to alter stuff by spreading their dialog with the scenes of the couples watching the video, interacting with each other and getting ready for sex. This really does not assist to break the monotony, and is actually distracting. I mean, first of all, there are a couple of idiosyncracies I couldn’t notice from the 90s: who?

And then there’s the strange pink or green tint that appears randomly: pink not to mention this baby dressed in nothing but a doctor’s hat that comes up every now and then to feed us cheesy one-liners like “A finger a day holds away the doctor! WINK*:


Finally, watching individuals flirt, lick and get fingered is just plain fun when I try to listen and pay attention to whether or not I can use oil-based lube with a silicone dildo.

In addition to those small snatches of erotic scenes, the action does not really begin through the DVD until halfway. In all scenes, rapt attention is paid to safe sex–no one is rimmed, fingered, or fucked without latex gloves, condoms, or clinging movies (didn’t they have dental dams back then?). Again, all of the scenes are interspersed. I’d really prefer to watch them one by one.

Anyway, when he’s bent over, first Carol straps on and fucks Robert. It was an interesting scene for me to watch, because Carol and Robert are a little older than me, and I usually don’t look for individuals in their age group when I watch porn. The scene didn’t make me feel awkward or anything, it was just… exciting. Carol and Robert have amazing chemistry and obviously get into the scene very much. Carol keeps checking how Robert is doing, and Robert admits stuff he loves breathlessly. At the end, both of them achieve explosive orgasms. It’s very genuine, and I was smiled by their enthusiasm.

And then the two couples I creatively dubbed Couple #1 and Couple #2. I don’t believe any of them knows how to act in porn. The little dialog they’ve engineered sounds, and sometimes the sex scenes are uncomfortable. But about how they’re not pornstars, there’s something charming. Since this DVD is aimed at the average Joe, and its message is that anal sex is not just a crazy thing that you see in porn–that anyone can do it–it’s kind of fitting that the actors don’t look like they just went off a centerfold. That said, I’m just as superficial as the next individual, and some of the actors ‘ stuff got in the manner of my scenes pleasure.

I wasn’t Couple #1’s large fan. I wasn’t especially appealing to either of them, and Guy #1 just plain irritated me. He looks bored all the time, whether watching the video or watching his wife get naked and attempt a strap-on, even if he gets fucked up the ass hard. His excitement’s height is when he says, “oh. Oh yeah. “Girl #1 is sweet and giggly and a bit uncomfortable–quite endearing–but for me, Guy #1’s absence of emotion basically destroyed the scene. I can’t even remember much about it now, except that a couple of occasions they change positions, and Guy #1 informs Girl #1 what she likes to do.


Slightly less bored

On the other side, I really enjoyed pair #2. Girl #2 is butchy, curvy, and delicious, and I discovered Guy #2 so appealing. I believe it was the mixture of his lengthy hair, slender body, beautiful ass and ambiguous sexual oriented air mixed with a good dash of expressive sexuality that made it. Of the four, he is readily the most natural. He moans and asks for more and gets on top of Girl #2 at one stage, grinding himself on her strap-on and flinging his hair back into rapture. He also performs more with Girl #2’s strap, rubbing against her and offering her (yum) a blowjob. They also appear to be more involved than pair #1: they look at each other, smile at each other, and they seem to enjoy themselves a lot. Girl #2 is losing interest as the scene goes on, but Guy #2 is making up more than it does. Ultimately, Guy #2 goes all over the tits of Girl #2.



I really would have liked to see the girls orgasm or get more apparent enjoyment out of it, particularly as Carol made sure to emphasize that both women and men can enjoy pegging.

Pegging has already been sold to me, so I wouldn’t suggest using this DVD as a manner of trying to persuade your lover(s) to try it with you. Carol and Robert delve very carefully with little or no fluffing into all elements of anal sex. Some might say they’re a bit too thorough. (Did you understand that anal sex is actually great for hemorrhoids because it improves blood flow in the rectal region? Or that shortening of vegetables can be used as a lube, but smells really bad if you leave a stain?) If you and yourpartner(s) already want to try it, or if you just want to teach yourself, go for it.

I’m pleased personally that I’ve been watching it, but I’d rather discover something more current. For example, perhaps another one of Tristan Taormino’s guides.


  • —Type: Instructional / Porn
  • — Duration: 60 minutes
  • — Release date: 1998
  • — Directed by: Carol Queen
  • — Featuring: Carol Queen and Robert Morgan
  • — Price @ $34.95

Three of five hearts.

Just in Case Condom Compact II Review

Ta-da! This is my first review, and it is a case of condom storage.

The Compact II Just in Case Condom is intended to look like a compact powder. (There’s a version I that’s a lot more shiny and girlier and it comes in lots of distinct colours, but I preferred the sleek, advanced black version II) There’s a lot of other kinds of condom instances out there (French envelopes, condom cubes…) that you can either take with you when you’re out and around (you know, if you’re in someone you’ve got to fuck in that restaurant bathroom at all). Portable condom cases don’t just save you the embarrassment of getting condoms dicovered by colleagues rudely rifling through your bag, protecting condoms from things you might carry with you that have sharp corners, protecting against future holes, and not exposing them to your body heat, as if you were stashing them in your wallet / pockets.

The Just in Case compact works well as a condom case. It maintains two condoms and snaps open and shut down readily. I also like how it’s designed–with a straightforward logo made of glossy plastic. It also comes with two lifestyle condoms that are complimentary.

What the Just in Case has may not be an added layer of discretion in other condom instances, as it is intended to look like a compact one. I decided to see how well it kept one of the real powder compacts of my younger sister: Exhibit A! As you can see, the compact Just in Case is almost exactly the same size and shape as a compact regular. The producers even considered information such as sticking in the same place a manufacturing label on the back. There’s even a small little hole in the back, just like a standard compact (also check out my beautifully classy Winnie-the-Pooh comforter’s reflection): Functionally, I’m not sure what the hole serves. It’s certainly not large enough to allow you to poke (unless you’re carrying pins…).

Here’s what you see when you open the compact: there’s even a mirror inside! Clearly, however, the Just in Case has no powder in it, so anyone curious enough to effectively open it would be confused about why you were carrying an empty compact. To be sure, it would be expensive not to mention inconvenient to use making it an actual powder compact, but adding a powder poof would be a possible improvement.

And it reveals the secret! If you pick up the compact’s “floor,” the condoms will be there. The floor is fairly tamper-proof: it opens up to the mirror portion when you snap the compact open, and another catch holds the ground in place, so you really need to open that compartment to get to it. I.E. You won’t know if you’re not looking for it. Just be cautious to close the two boxes independently, because the ground will not snap back into place if you close them both at the same moment.

So far, I’ve been carrying it with me fairly constantly, and when I touch my hair / lipgloss / eye makeup, I also use it as a hand mirror, and no one I’ve been with has commented on it.

In summary, the only things the Just in Case could do away with are: the emptiness, and the fact that it feels much heavier than a standard compact.

All in all, though, I believe it’s good for its purpose, so it’s 5/5 stars

Wartenberg Wheel Review’s Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel is a classic BDSM toy. It may look a bit like a pizza cutter (actually that’s what J called it when he first saw it), but it was initially used by Wartenberg wheels to test neurological reactions. Because of hygiene problems, it fell into disuse. His medical background and appearance are part of his attraction to me; as are the beautiful sensations he creates. Running it slightly over the skin outcomes in a tickling or slight pricking feeling; you can break the skin if you exert sufficiently intense pressure.

Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Wheel

First try

I attempted it first with J. I got naked, and the sharp tips softly ran over my back and arms as I squirmed and giggled. It was quite an pleasant sensory experience to be naked while he was dressed, and to have the steel points coasting all over me. It is difficult to define. It felt like tickling, but focused on a very tiny region of skin, but very intense tickling. Then he moved on to my breasts and nipples, which began turning me on certainly.

A few times I rode the wheel teasingly over his arms. He believed it was exciting; after a while it would likely get a little overwhelming, which was true for me. After tickling and poking for about 15-20 minutes, I had enough.


I tried to investigate how to wash the wheel if you break the skin of a person and then use it on someone else. Obviously, since you get blood on the tool, that can be hazardous. Google did not yield any outcomes; I received the most answers from Twitter:

  • -soak it in a 10% bleach solution for 1-2 minutes
  • -boil it-wash it down with “medical wipes”
  • -sterilize it in an autoclave (can be found in tattoo parlors and used for a nominal fee); if any other technique is used, wait at least 21 days before using someone else.

Get a bottle of betadine (or any brand of povidone iodine) in the drug / grocery shop. It’s a particular antibacterial sterilizer most frequently used to prepare individuals for surgery. Put in a container a little bit and add water. You’re going to want it to be a color of “tea.” Place the wheel inside, soak it for at least 10 minutes. The dry.  Just notice that after continuous use, the povidone iodine will ultimately stain the container. Rinse your hands after using it, but if you’re attempting to be totally sterile, I’d recommend wearing gloves while handling the wheel during the sterilization phase or washing your hands with povidone iodine. May I also recommend that you use warm water.

I have yet to determine whether this wheel is made of surgical-grade, non-porous steel, which is the only secure material that could be shared. No data could be found on Kinklab’s website.

Also the wheel comes with a beautiful sheath of leather that snaps off.

Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Wheel

Overall thoughts

I don’t really have much to say about this product; either it works for you or it doesn’t, and I don’t see a lot of chance, or NEED, to change any kind of basic shape and look.

I really like Pinwheels from Wartenberg. I’m happy to have one.


  • — Type: BDSM / Medical Fetish Toy
  • — Length: 7′′
  • — Material: Steel
  • — Price@ $14.8

4 Out Of Five hearts!

Other kink products that may be of interest to you:

Love Botz Auto Banger Sex Machine

Midori’s Sensual Bondage

Bend-Over Beginner Kit

CyberSilicone Perfectly Hot Pink Review

I asked for the Perfectly Hot Pink CyberSilicone because I was curious about Adam & Eve and still had to attempt a traditional vibrator, and this one looked quite decent. It was also a bit of a random choice since before selecting them this time I didn’t take as much time to go through the products.

The Hot Pink Perfectly is… hot pink. A very aggressive hot pink shade. And no, there’s no other color coming in. (Otherwise why would it be called the Hot Pink? I’m not a big fan of the name, to tell you the truth, mostly because it doesn’t end in a noun and you can’t tell what it’s from the name alone…) I really like wearing hot pink, but placing it in me? Doesn’t appeal as much to me. It’s also a more realistic-styled vibrator (except for the color), full of veins, and I’m not a big fan of that either. Basically, the Hot Pink is fine in terms of how it looks, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. The Hot Pink is fairly heavy in size. It measures 7′′ (insertable)x 1.5′′, and would certainly not be the option of a successful beginner. I’ve come to recognize personally that I’m not much of a girth-person; on the smaller-to-moderate hand I prefer toys. It took quite a lot of effort to work the Hot Pink within me. I could fit into myself about 5-6′′ and had to restrict myself to shallow thrusts. As it is basically a straight, plastic vibrator enclosed in cybersilicone, it also has no giving at all.

I really liked the most on my clit. Typical, okay? I lubbed it up and rubbed my clit up and down with the stick, and it feels incredible. I really liked to have something to push against, and the Hot Pink’s vibrations were powerful enough to get me off even though they were not directly focused on my clit.

Which takes us to the vibrations driven by two AA batteries and operated in the base with a straightforward dial that turns from low to high. The elevated vibrations are quite damn big. The Hot Pink certainly provides without being overly loud in that department. The only annoying thing is the dial’s positioning–it doesn’t offer you a comfortable grasp room, and the dial is pretty tiny, so if I hold on to that, there’s a possibility I’ll turn down or up the vibrations by error.

You can also use the bath’s Hot Pink! It’s totally waterproof–there’s an O-ring where the screws shut down from the battery compartment, preventing water from getting in. I tried it out in the shower and held it for a couple of minutes under a sink full of water, and it was still fine.

What makes the Perfectly Hot Pink special is that it is made of CyberSilicone, which is phthalate-free andnon-porous according to its description. According to some sources, it is a mixture of silicone & cyberskin or a mixture of silicone and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) by others. I’m confused about that a little bit. In any event, it’s not a periodic silicone step-up. If it’s partly made of cyberskin, I’d expect it to feel more realistic or something, but it doesn’t. In fact, it feels more tacky than standard silicone, with a very unsexy, rubbery smell. I can only smell it when I put it right in my nose, but it’s still pretty aggravating for a perfectionist like me. You can’t use silicone lube with it because it has silicone parts in it. Because of the vibrating components, cleaning / sterilizing is also more of a problem, so you could only use bleach solution, not boiling or dishwashing.

Right. Now, with all that has been said, I have to admit that I was a bad toy owner and for a while I didn’t store my toys correctly. I traveled to Hong Kong from San Francisco and placed all my toys in my luggage in a cloth bag. I dumped the bag in my closet after I got home and left it for about a week or so. After I took them all out to sterilize them, I noticed that on the Hot Pink’s surface there were some damages–there were several places where it looked like somebody dragged their finger across it and “smudged” it. (Try to take a picture but the spots don’t show up on my crappy camera.) I can only conclude that this happened because I stored all my silicone toys together when they shouldn’t touch each other–whoops. However, all of my other pure silicone toys were okay, so the cybersilicone really has to be of worse quality than simple silicone.

I also changed the batteries once, and I had to damage the dial or something because there’s a slight scratching noise now, and instead of moving smoothly from low to high when you turn the dial, there are two “loops,” that is: low to high immediately back to low to high, again.  Moral of the story: take care of your sex toys… but still, it’s probably not made of the best quality material that can’t survive my having it for two months without getting damaged in any manner.

In summary: a nice and versatile vibrator for those who prefer more girth. Maybe it’s faults–but for just ~$25? A pretty deal.

3/5 stars

Lelo Siri Review

Lelo recently came out in their Femme line with three new products (well, I don’t think so new anymore). I was fortunate enough to have the Siri clitoral stimulator examined. Compared to their older siblings, these fresh products come with certain variations; Siri in specific is marketed as having more authority than the other clitoral vibes of Lelo. I’ve never had any problems with Lelo’s vibration rates, but I’ve read reviews from many other bloggers who complained that Lelo’s one weakness was lack of energy.

Lelo Siri

Lelo Siri

First thoughts on the Siri

Siri is incredibly adorable. It looks like an easter egg and comes in three distinct colors–including a lovely, lively red I was really excited about. (Red is one of my favourite colors and I discovered there’s an unfortunate shortage of red sex toys.) However, I’ve been sent a pink version. Well, well.

I don’t believe I’m going to be able to delve beyond appearances without comparing Siri with other products from Lelo. Let’s see how Siri stands up against the ancient models of the product and the Lily, one of Lelo’s other clitoral vibrators.

New packaging & control system

First off: the packaging. Lelo is renowned for one thing when it comes to presentation is their elegance and attention to detail. The packaging of Siri is much the same as the ancient packaging: a more flimsy outer box, then a black storage box. Once I lifted the storage box’s lid, however, my heart sank a little. I was expecting the typical plastic “mold” from Lelo that holds the toy in place and houses the handbook, loader,1-year warranty, 10-year guarentee quality and satin storage pouch below. Instead, I discovered a clamshell of paper & plastic. Looks aside, the fresh packaging presents a issue because you have to rip it open to get to the toy. You have to throw out the clamshell once you do that. With the old system, if you wanted, you could use it to safely store your new toy in the storage box. Now, the toy will be left loose; if it moves, it will rattle in its box.

The other noticeable distinction is the scheme of control. Siri has four buttons: control strength from top and bottom, and control mode from left and right. Hold them all to lock and unlock the toy for a few seconds. Pretty intuitive. And the buttons are still illuminating.

Lelo Siri

Lelo Siri

There are things I like and dislike about compared to the ancient checks. The ancient button was a large circle with the aforementioned features corresponding to each place on the circle. These buttons are larger and easier to press on the plus hand. On the less side, I can’t as readily differentiate between my finger buttons. Usually I’m under the covers when I get off, so the toy is also out of sight under the covers. I could move my finger around the circle with the ancient controls and feel the portion of the circle I wanted. I find it harder to differentiate between these buttons, which means that at the first try I sometimes don’t press the correct button, which might be a bit awkward. It’s also annoying that I have to press these buttons harder to make them work, so I usually press one button twice because it doesn’t work for the first moment.

Try the nJoy Pure Wand if you’re searching for something far less high-tech.

How did it perform?

Siri is rechargeable (2 hours charging time for 4 hours of use), shows white light when charging and red light when the battery is small, and is made of matt silicone (colored portion) & plastic (white part). You can scrub it with 10 times bleach solution or rubbing alcohol to sterilize the toy’s silicone region. There is also no compatibility of silicone toys with silicone lubes.

Is it more powerful than other vibes like the Lelo Mia from Lelo? There is no doubt that my reply is yes. I’m very pleased with the Siri and I’m looking forward to more Lelo toys! (I’m looking at the next row of mint-new Insignia.) Check out the Siri & more sex toys in Your Adult Toy Store.

If it is possible to buy from https:/

Evolved True Love Amore edition Review

I’m back with a different assessment. The Evolved True Love (Amore edition) is this one–the second traditional vibe I’ve attempted so far.

First of all: the packaging as usual. In sex toys, this is such an significant element, and I’m just half joking. The Amore True Love comes in a tin box that closes on either end with two clasps and lies in what appears to be some velvet-based foam material. The design of the box is kitschy, and I really like it a lot. If it wasn’t on the front for the apparent phallic cutout and “waterproof Amore,” I would likely use it to store on my desk writing materials. At least to store the Amore itself, which is helpful, it can still be used. I don’t like the foam lining that much. Since the Amore attracts dust like the company of no one, the foam has been an especially bad option. My first experience with the Amore was trying to shake off, to no avail, the myriad of tiny foam pieces.

The Amore was prepared to go a fast wash later. But then I came across another barrier–the compartment of the battery. This battery compartment I had more difficulty than you’d ever think. It made me feel quite dumb. (After both F and my younger sister attempted and failed, I felt better about myself.) You can discover the battery compartment by unwinding the base of Amore. Two AA batteries are taken by the Amore. Hold on: more specifically, only the finest type of AA battery is taken by the Amore, and not if it is already used. First, I attempted the unknown battery brand generously supplied by (No batteries are included in the Amore itself.) Nothing. I was flipping around the+/-poles. Nothing yet. (The little sticker on the cabinet stating which battery should have its + pole facing upwards was not really a large help because if I turned the Amore around, the two poles on the sticker would flip over again.) I attempted my camera’s Energizer batteries. Nada. (The battery bar on my camera was still fairly near to complete.) After some correspondence with (I believed this specific Amore might not work), they sent Amore to them and messed up a bit with it, suggesting that I try a better / higher powered battery brand. So I purchased a new Duracells pack. The Amore was working the first time I placed them in. Great! It wasn’t the second time I attempted. Wha? It took me a while to find out that it was necessary to close the compartment very tightly, otherwise it would not operate.

So, on the Amore itself now. Finally. The Amore is made of phthalate-free TPR (thermoplastic rubber), but can not be completely sterilized. Compared to silicone it also feels cheaper and less smooth. One plus is that TPR can be used with all types of lubes, and this vibrator was more bendy than most silicone dildos / vibrators I’ve experienced, although I’m not sure that all TPR vibrators are true.

The Amore comes in a beautiful, iridescent blue color, part of why I picked it up. In his images, however, the Amore looks better than in the flesh. The blue is much more dull compared to the product image of It’s semi-see-through as well. You may want to see your toy’s inner workings, but I don’t.

OK, so how does the performance-wise keep the Amore up? It’s waterproof, an instant plus. Strong, if a little unsexually noisy, vibrations. Three vibration settings that you push the button at its foundation through. The vibrator is positioned at the shaft’s tip, which is a great idea. More g-spot vibrations! It’s very girthy as well. The first few tries, probably because of the lack of a tapered head as much as the girth, I couldn’t bring it, and I had to construct up with bigger toys first. Even then, it almost uncomfortably stretched me out. The waves on the shaft did not provide an intense texture, but it was nice that I could feel them. Even at the first setting, the vibrations felt quite beautiful.

To someone who wants more girth, I would suggest this atmosphere. But since the Amore saves you only a few bucks compared to a silicone-sleeved atmosphere, why not get one instead of the silicone-sleeved?


  • Material: Phthalate-free TPR
  • Length: 8″
  • Insertable length: 6 1/2″
  • Circumference: 6″
  • Colors: Blue & Purple
  • Price @ $43

3/5 stars.