Review: Bend Over Boyfriend

I was looking forward to reviewing Carol Queen’s Bend Over Boyfriend DVD from both because of my interest in strap-on sex, and because I’ve been interested in seeing more of Carol Queen‘s work.

Bend Over Boyfriend is a part instructional, part erotic DVD that was released in 1998. (A follow-up DVD was released after, with more focus on the erotic.) It was a bestseller when it first came out, during a time period where (I’m under the impression that) not many resources related to sexuality were readily available. Carol and her partner Dr. Robert Morgan spend 30 minutes talking about why people find pegging sexy and how to do it right, and then spend the next 30 minutes giving us a live demo. Interspersed with Carol and Robert’s material is footage of two couples, first sitting attentively and watching their own copies of BOB, then trying out the techniques themselves.

Carol and Robert clearly know their stuff. First, they each talk about why a person would find pegging hot, and what they would potentially take away from the experience. Then they delve further into some of its mechanics (which are applicable to couples of any gender combination, but are aimed at opposite sex couples here):

– Common myths about anal sex

– Communication with your partner and why its important

– The prostate gland and how to play with it

– Cleanliness and safety

– Foreplay and prepping (for both the pegger and the… peggee?)

– Choosing lubes, butt toys (plugs, etc), dildoes and harnesses

I know most of the material already, since I’ve come across it in other writings about anal sex and BDSM, but they go into amazing detail, and I really appreciate that. Their presentation, though, leaves much to be desired. The video quality isn’t very good, and at times the camera isn’t even in focus (!!!). (The video was independently produced, which might have something to do with it.) Carol and Robert don’t really do anything except look directly into the camera and talk. I felt like I was watching a sex-ed video, or was being lectured at by two professors, not unlike those at my college classes:


Carol attempts to change things up interspersing their dialogue with scenes of the couples watching the video, interacting with each other, and prepping each other for sex. This doesn’t really help break the monotony, and actually ends up being distracting. I mean, first off, there are a few idiosyncracies from the 90s that I couldn’t not notice:


And then there’s the weird pink or green tint that randomly appears:


Not to mention this babe dressed in nothing but a doctor’s coat who pops up every now and then to feed us cheesy one-liners like “A finger a day keeps the doctor away! *WINK*”:


And, finally, it’s just plain distracting to watch people flirt, lick and get fingered, when I’m trying to listen and pay attention to whether I can use oil-based lube with a silicone dildo or not.

Besides those little snatches of erotic scenes, the action doesn’t really start until halfway through the DVD. Rapt attention is paid to safe sex in all of the scenes – no one is rimmed, fingered, or fucked without latex gloves, condoms, or cling film (did they not have dental dams back then?). Again, all the scenes are all interspersed with each other. I really would have preferred watching them one by one.

Anyway, first Carol straps on and fucks Robert while he’s bent over. It was an interesting scene for me to watch, because Carol and Robert are quite a bit older than me, and when I’m watching porn I don’t usually look for people in their age group. The scene didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or anything, it was just… interesting. Carol and Robert have wonderful chemistry and obviously get very into the scene. Carol makes sure to keep checking how Robert is doing, and Robert assents breathlessly at things he enjoys. They both reach explosive orgasms at the end. It’s very authentic, and their passion made me smile.


And then the two couples, who I creatively dub Couple #1 and Couple #2. I don’t think any of them are very experienced with acting in porn. The little dialogue they have sounds contrived, and the sex scenes are awkward at times. But there’s something charming about how they aren’t pornstars. Since this DVD is aimed at the average Joe, and its message is that anal sex isn’t just some crazy thing you see in porn – that anyone can do it – it’s kind of appropriate that the actors don’t look like they just walked off of a centerfold. That said, I am as superficial as the next person, and certain things about the actors did get in the way of my enjoyment of the scenes.

I wasn’t a big fan of Couple #1. I didn’t find either of them particularly attractive, and Guy #1 just plain annoyed me. He looks bored the entire time, whether he’s watching the video, or watching his girlfriend get naked and try on a strap-on, even when he gets fucked hard up the ass. The height of his excitement is when he says: “oh. Oh yeah.” Girl #1 is cute and giggly and a little awkward – quite endearing – but Guy #1′s lack of emotion basically ruined the scene for me. I can’t even remember much about it now, except that they switch positions a few times, and Guy #1 tells Girl #1 what he wants her to do.


Slightly less bored
Slightly less bored

On the other hand, I really liked Couple #2. Girl #2 is butchyfemmeish and curvy and tasty, and I found Guy #2 so attractive. I think it was the combination of his long hair, slim body, nice ass and air of ambiguous sexual orientation mixed with a healthy dash of expressive sexuality that did it. He’s easily the most natural out of the four. He moans and asks for more, and at one point gets on top of Girl #2, grinding himself down on her strap-on and flinging his hair back in rapture. He also plays more with Girl #2′s strap on, rubbing against it and giving her a blowjob (yum). They also seem more engaged with each other than couple #1: they look at each other, smile at each other, and seem to be enjoying themselves a great deal. Girl #2 kind of loses interest as the scene wears on, but Guy #2 more than makes up for it. Eventually, Guy #2 comes all over Girl #2′s tits.



I really would have liked to see the girls orgasm or get more obvious pleasure out of it, especially since Carol made sure to accentuate that women can get pleasure from pegging as well as the men.

Pegging is already sold on me, so I wouldn’t recommend using this DVD as a way to try and convince your lover(s) to try it out with you. Carol and Robert delve very thoroughly into all aspects of anal sex with little or no fluffing. Some would say they’re a little bit too thorough. (Did you know anal sex is actually good for hemorrhoids because it increases the blood flow in the rectal area? Or that vegetable shortenings can be used as lube, but smell really bad if you leave a stain?) If you and your partner(s) already want to try it, or if you just want to educate yourself, then go for it.

Personally, I’m happy that I watched it, but would prefer to find something more current. Maybe another one of Tristan Taormino‘s guides, for instance.

– Type: Instructional / porn
– Length: 60 minutes
– Release date: 1998
– Directed by: Carol Queen
– Featuring: Carol Queen and Robert Morgan
– Price @ $34.95

Three hearts out of five.

Monarch Remote Control Strap-On Vibe

If you want to increase your playfulness in the bedroom, this butterfly style strap-on vibe may be just what you are looking for. The Monarch provides you with many different options so you can experience a wide range of new things. If you have never used a strap-on, this is a great starter!

While many butterfly vibrators focus on clitoral stimulation, this one is designed with a shaft that is insertable, measuring 3 inches. While this may sound small to those new to this type of toy, it is able to hit all those sensitive spots you expect.

The strap is adjustable, which ensures that you get the best fit every time while remaining hands free the whole time. You are going to find the wireless remote is a fun way to relax and enjoy the moment. It also provides new opportunities, such as with partner play! You can allow your partner to control the vibe, or be discreet and enjoy some public fun while your partner secretly controls your pleasure while out on the town!

There are 10 vibration modes, with escalation and pulsation. The remote has a 32’ range, and takes 2 AA batteries to operate the butterfly, and a 12v for the controller.

When you are looking for something new in the bedroom, or you want to spice up your love life with your partner and try something new, then this is a great option to start with, and it’s less than $100.

Love Botz Auto Banger Sex Machine Review

Do you have nights when you find your vibrator and classic dildo just isn’t craving your appetite? When you want more, with no strings attached and go all night if you choose, the Love Botz Auto Banger is the machine for you!

When you want hard core pleasure, don’t pass up on this as it even looks aggressive! It constantly thrusts without stopping, and the best part is there are various attachments so you can change your experience as needed. It has a low and high thrust setting to give you that nice slow thrust, or a faster hardcore thrust.

The overall thrust is just under 2”, while the pink dildo is 6.25” and the realistic dildos are 4.25” and 6” insertable. With an overall measurement of just 8 inches by six inches, taking this thing with you on trips can be easily done. It would it great in a suitcase, or even an oversized bag!

When it comes to getting off, let it be under your terms and when you want it. No matter if you want it fast or slow, the Love Botz is the toy for you. It plugs into the wall, so you never have to worry about charging or buying batteries to be ready, just needs an outlet.

The price tag is a little steep at around $399, but it is cheaper compared to some alternative sex machines that can cost as much as a used car.

History of Vibrators

When shopping for a new vibrator, there are so many options available today, and the end event is often the initial thoughts. However, have you ever stopped and wondered more about the toys you are looking at, such as when the first adult toy appeared? Keep reading to find out about some cool facts you may not have known about vibrators and other adult toys!

Did you know the first dildo on record is more than 30,000 years old? It was found in a German cave. Then there are the Ancient Greeks who have apparently been influenced by Aphrodite since 400 B.C with their olisbokollikes (‘dildo breadsticks). The Tremoussoir is considered one of the first vibrators, which was invented in France during 1734.

Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville invested the first electric vibrator, with the purpose of relieving muscle aches. This thing weight a massive 40lbs, requiring two people for operation… Not including the recipient.

These new inventions were first used or curing women with ‘hysteria’, the symptoms? Sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, oh and erotic fantasies while having feelings in the lower abdomen and being wet between the legs. Prior to vibrators, Doctors would treat this by applying veggie oil to their hands and massaging the genital area, until climax.

Isn’t history interesting? Now that you know the history of how your favorite toys came to be, you can be glad knowing you are self-treating for hysteria each time you pull it out.

G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe

Do you want a way to spice up your lonely nights, or are you looking for a way to increase the fun during couples play? Either way, the G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe is a great way to do either. The design is simple, you place it on your finger, and go to town, but this little thing packs a great punch. Let’s find out why, shall we?

As the finger was the original sex toy, this just improves that. It is made with silicone, making it smooth and flexible. It goes on your hand, giving you full control over the vibrations and where you apply them. This is great, because no one knows how to hit your spots like you do!

The design is slightly curved, allowing you to provide yourself that massage just in the right spot, with an insertable length up to 5 inches, it also allows for some amazing thrusting action if you prefer. Of course, you could always switch it up, and do a combination of both!

The tip has a vibrator that is powerful and has 7 different patterns. The textured finger pad also provides clit stimulation! How can you go wrong with something so great? It’s small size also makes it easy to carry with you when away on trips or just in case the urge hits and you want to take care of it quickly.

B Vibe Rimming Beaded Butt Plug w/ Remote

Are you in the market for a new toy to introduce into your sex life? Well, the B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug with Remote is a great addition to any solo or partner session. It will surely reduce those long lonely nights, or bring a night of new experiences to the table for you and/or your partner.

The B Vibe Rimming Plug has been designed to have both a powerful tip that vibrates and stimulations the anus and rotating beads that give a rimming sensation, add them both and it becomes orgasmic. The toy is compact and it safe for the body. It’s made from silicone and has a powerful charge that is going to give you the stimulation you’re looking for in all the right areas.

You will have the option of using it with or without the wireless remote that comes with it. This means if you are just wanting some quick discreet fun, bring it out and go at it, or introduce it with your partner and let them control the device using the remote. I have found it to be fun either way and brings all sorts of possibilities.

This is also the first product that uses rotating beads for the rimming experience, this occurs at the entry area that has the most nerve endings. Then, at the tip of the toy there is another motor that only increases the pleasure experience. The pleasure received from anal play happens because it shares the wall between the anus and G-spot (females) and the prostate (males). Making it a great toy for him or her!

The remote is optional, but adds options. It works up to 30ft away. The insertable length is 5 inches, with a total length of 5.8 inches. The tip is 1 inch, with the widest section being 1.5 inch. Also, the batteries are rechargeable and use a USB charger, this means you can have it fully charged and ready to go anytime you want.


  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Feels great, and can be used for him or her.
  • Remote is optional, adding possibilities for solo or couple play.
  • Rechargeable


  • For those that want a larger girth, this may not be the toy for you.


Overall, if you are looking to add something new to the nightly routine, then the B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug is a good option as you are able to use it on yourself, or your partner can use the remote and really control the situation. It can be used on either party too, opening even more possibilities.  This toy can be purchased from  Try a pleasure tease coupon to save some money.

The Joys of Being a Voyeur

Ever wonder how the term Peeping Tom was made? It was said that when Lady Godiva rode naked on horseback as a sign of protest for the high taxes given to people and the people stayed inside their houses in respect for her, there was one man who couldn’t suppress the urge to peek and did so. This man’s name was Tom. So there you have it. The legend could be true or not, but there originated the pleasure of watching something sexy.

This may be the origin of voyeurism, in which one enjoys watching or enjoys being watched. This is something that you can do to give more spice to your sex life. You and your partner can take turns being the watcher and the watchee. The fun comes not only from the sheer pleasure of watching but also the attempt to control oneself from joining in on the fun or engage in a sexual act of his own.

If you want to incorporate a sense of voyeurism into your bedroom games, here are some suggestions:


This is one of the easiest to do when it comes to voyeur games. Never underestimate the power of the blindfold. It heightens one’s sense of touch and makes a person get rid of inhibitions because he or she cannot see the reactions of her partner or everyone else around her. Put your partner in blindfold and touch her sensually for long time. Do nothing else but touch her for maximum teasing. After using your hands, use your tongue to do the teasing. You can feel your partner’s tension rise as she tries to anticipate what you are going to do next.

Hide and watch

This involves sensually undressing oneself while the partner is hiding and watching. The trick here is to pretend effectively that you don’t know you are being watched. Let your partner hide somewhere and use all your erotic moves while you undress yourself. Do this slowly and take your time with each piece of clothing that you remove. Another take of this play is to let your partner watch while you are taking a shower. You can leave the bathroom door open and let your partner position herself in full view of your naked, wet body. Stroke and caress your body while your partner is watching. Make sure to put on a real show; slowly undulate in shower while your partner watches hungrily.

It’s all good fun.  The other thing you can do to spice up your love life is to use sex toys.  They can be purchased from Make sure you use an Pleasure Tease coupon codelink here.

First time sex with a new partner

This means that the typical woman will have a shared experience of taking off her clothes for the first time in front of her lover. This will almost always occur the first time they have sex.

A lot of women have some insecurity about their bodies. It can be a totally insignificant thing. They think their complexion is not smooth enough, or their legs are too short, or their boobs too small.

These insecurities could conceivably lessen the pleasure of first time sex with a new partner.

If you have ever felt this way, consider this: that man has been dying to see you naked, to hold you, to make love to you. In his eyes, you are the sexiest creature on the planet. He would not exchange you for an Angeline Jolie or a Scarlett Johansson. In fact, he may also have the same insecurities. He knows he’s no Brad Pitt either.

Take it from us. An aroused man will see what he wants to see – a sex goddess naked in front of him. The fact that he has an erection as stiff as any of your dildos or vibrators tells you that he is hot for you. Enjoy your first fuck with your new partner. It can be the first of countless fabulous fucks to come.

The Disadvantages of Having a Big Dick

An average man who reads this title may find it totally without sense. After all, men are conditioned with the thinking that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to penis size. Men with smaller dicks do everything they can to make their dicks longer and thicker for the sake of their machismo and sex life. But men who are gifted with bigger appendages do experience downsides because of their size. You don’t believe me? Read on and see for yourself.

It can hurt the partners

While it is true that lots of women and gay men prefer big cocks on partners, there is such as thing as too big for them. This is true especially for women who have normal-sized vaginas. Penises that are seven to nine inches will feel awesome inside the vagina, but it’s another story when it comes to dicks ten inches and above. A woman may feel super stretched out, making intercourse harder and painful. When sex becomes painful, it ceases to be pleasurable. In this case, a super big penis becomes a curse rather than a blessing, especially when it comes to a new partner.

So imagine if you apply this to gay men. Since the anus is way tighter than the vagina, you can only imagine how painful it must be for a gay man to be penetrated in the ass by a jumbo dick. It can lead not only to pain but wounds as well.

It can get very embarrassing clothing-wise

No matter how hard you try, it is hard concealing a nine-inch penis underneath layers of clothing. Wearing briefs may help; forget about donning boxers in which your soldier can hang free. If you happen to be outside and get an erection all of a sudden, it can get very embarrassing for you when people are looking at your crotch as if you are a sick pervert.

It can limit sex positions

This has something to do with the pain factor for the partners. In order to make sex more comfortable, you must stick to positions that do not allow maximum entry into the vagina. Forget about doing furious doggy style with your partner, because this is the best position for deep thrusting.

You can work your way around these hassles by reaching a compromise with your partner regarding the sex positions, in which both of you will enjoy it.