Lelo Mia Review

If you followed me on Twitter, you’d have read that I’ve lately replied on Vibrator.com to a sex toy reviewer ad. I was accepted and they sent me LELO Mia to review their discreet line of sex toys=)

Lelo Mia

Lelo Mia

First impressions

First, let me get a few things straight –I usually don’t use sex toys. I never used a vibrator before (I don’t count the vibrator-component of an unopened vibrating Trojan cock ring that I and the Actor stole from the college newspaper office… and no, I don’t understand what it was doing there). That said, I’ve known LELO for a while, too, and I love them. Their products are lovely, easy and sleek, and the Mia is no different. No tacky plastic semi-see-through, no garish images on the packaging of half-naked babies. LELO introduces its products beautifully in beautiful donation boxes, complete with storage bag and 1 year guarantee!). LELO is almost the “sex toys apple” (well, at least one of the sex toys apples).

Time for first use

I gladly took Mia to bed with me every night the first couple of nights after I got her in the mail. Mia is a pastel-pink and dark rose “lipstick vibe.” Definitely discreet–it feels like a lipstick tube or a highlight or a big USB stick, and I have often left it lying on my desk without any of my colleagues commenting on it.

Lelo Mia

Lelo Mia


Mia has~10 intensity settings and three distinct “pulsation” configurations (lengthy pulses-> brief pulses) with respect to the vibration itself. The website of LELO points out Mia as a nice atmosphere for beginners. I don’t have exactly anything to compare with, but I didn’t expect to be able to take the greater intensity settings, but it turns out that after all =) Mia takes 2 hours to charge and gives up to 4 hours!) (of enjoyment.

The Mia’s smartest thing? You plug it into the USB port of your computer to charge it.

F found it a bit annoying that you don’t have the choice to load it at an outlet, but it seems perfect for college learners like me =) or busy working females as we’re on pcs all the time.

Oh, and while I was charging it for the first moment, the Rationalist used my laptop and wrote it off for about half an hour before it was all “It’s not a USB drive, is it?”Take it from the USB port and turn it on, which… um… kind of gave away the game. The+ buttons, of course, make it clear what the Mia is, but not if you don’t look too carefully =)

Yay Mia! 4/5 Stars.

I suggest the Lelo Ella for the g-spot.

It is possible to buy the Mia from https:/www.lelo.com/mia-2.