Crystal Delights Plug Review

The Crystal Delights plugs aren’t just anal plugs… they’re jewelry for your ass in all respects. No, it’s not like vajazzling where crystals are superglued to you or anything else. A glass, bulb-shaped plug with a Swarovski crystal in the base is the Crystal Delights plug. It’s totally lovely, and it was my first glass toy as well, so I’m really excited to speak about it.

The plugs come with multiple colored crystals to choose from and in two dimensions–short and long, referring to the neck length. The firm that stocks and manufactures the plug effectively developed the brief version after Britni reviewed & criticized the initial plug’s length. If the service isn’t great, I don’t understand what it is!

I selected the tiny version because I’m a tiny individual. I couldn’t decide between any color, so I ended up getting the Aurora Borealis, whose colors include topaz and turquoise.

The plug is on the tiny side but the glass’s hardness makes it more substantial than may be suggested by the size. I discovered it to be comfortable enough to wear though. The brief neck fit perfectly, and it was very clever.

I can’t get over how beautiful and brilliant it is. I snapped a image the first time I put it in and immediately sent it to L. (No, I won’t post it.) He really enjoyed what it looked like.

The toy comes with a beautiful padded case of velvet and leather that closes with two elastic straps safely.

The only complaint I have about the plug is that wearing under your clothes is not appropriate, or if you are going to sit down for a long time. The base is quite dense and bulky, so under my jeans it feels a little awkward. I wasn’t able to sit comfortably either. If I sat on something soft, like a padded chair or a sofa, it was better, but difficult surfaces were out of the question. I could hear the glass clunking against the ground when I wore it under panties and a mini-skirt, then sat down on a wooden chair.

I don’t believe that should dissuade anyone from having the plug, though. This plug is intended to be hidden under clothing, not flaunted! Let it enjoy yourpartner(s) or use it during sex. Wearing this plug made me want to walk naked around the apartment (unfortunately at the time I still had roommates, so I wasn’t indulging). There are plenty of other, more affordable alternatives on the market if you want a plug for long-term wear.

There seems to have been a lot of care in this item. Each piece is hand-made, and it’s totally non-porous and body-safe since it’s made of glass. By wiping it down with 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol, you can sterilize it. (I hesitate to suggest boiling for 5 minutes as I don’t understand how the crystal is secured in the base, and I don’t know what impact boiling might have on it. I’d be unwilling to bring it on the top shelf of the dishwasher owing to potential crystal harm, too.) Next time you have to purchase a significant other donation, you’re not going to have to choose between a fancy sex toy or jewelry…

Here you can purchase your own brief AB plug.

Thank you, Delights from Crystal!