CyberSilicone Perfectly Hot Pink Review

I asked for the Perfectly Hot Pink CyberSilicone because I was curious about Adam & Eve and still had to attempt a traditional vibrator, and this one looked quite decent. It was also a bit of a random choice since before selecting them this time I didn’t take as much time to go through the products.

The Hot Pink Perfectly is… hot pink. A very aggressive hot pink shade. And no, there’s no other color coming in. (Otherwise why would it be called the Hot Pink? I’m not a big fan of the name, to tell you the truth, mostly because it doesn’t end in a noun and you can’t tell what it’s from the name alone…) I really like wearing hot pink, but placing it in me? Doesn’t appeal as much to me. It’s also a more realistic-styled vibrator (except for the color), full of veins, and I’m not a big fan of that either. Basically, the Hot Pink is fine in terms of how it looks, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. The Hot Pink is fairly heavy in size. It measures 7′′ (insertable)x 1.5′′, and would certainly not be the option of a successful beginner. I’ve come to recognize personally that I’m not much of a girth-person; on the smaller-to-moderate hand I prefer toys. It took quite a lot of effort to work the Hot Pink within me. I could fit into myself about 5-6′′ and had to restrict myself to shallow thrusts. As it is basically a straight, plastic vibrator enclosed in cybersilicone, it also has no giving at all.

I really liked the most on my clit. Typical, okay? I lubbed it up and rubbed my clit up and down with the stick, and it feels incredible. I really liked to have something to push against, and the Hot Pink’s vibrations were powerful enough to get me off even though they were not directly focused on my clit.

Which takes us to the vibrations driven by two AA batteries and operated in the base with a straightforward dial that turns from low to high. The elevated vibrations are quite damn big. The Hot Pink certainly provides without being overly loud in that department. The only annoying thing is the dial’s positioning–it doesn’t offer you a comfortable grasp room, and the dial is pretty tiny, so if I hold on to that, there’s a possibility I’ll turn down or up the vibrations by error.

You can also use the bath’s Hot Pink! It’s totally waterproof–there’s an O-ring where the screws shut down from the battery compartment, preventing water from getting in. I tried it out in the shower and held it for a couple of minutes under a sink full of water, and it was still fine.

What makes the Perfectly Hot Pink special is that it is made of CyberSilicone, which is phthalate-free andnon-porous according to its description. According to some sources, it is a mixture of silicone & cyberskin or a mixture of silicone and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) by others. I’m confused about that a little bit. In any event, it’s not a periodic silicone step-up. If it’s partly made of cyberskin, I’d expect it to feel more realistic or something, but it doesn’t. In fact, it feels more tacky than standard silicone, with a very unsexy, rubbery smell. I can only smell it when I put it right in my nose, but it’s still pretty aggravating for a perfectionist like me. You can’t use silicone lube with it because it has silicone parts in it. Because of the vibrating components, cleaning / sterilizing is also more of a problem, so you could only use bleach solution, not boiling or dishwashing.

Right. Now, with all that has been said, I have to admit that I was a bad toy owner and for a while I didn’t store my toys correctly. I traveled to Hong Kong from San Francisco and placed all my toys in my luggage in a cloth bag. I dumped the bag in my closet after I got home and left it for about a week or so. After I took them all out to sterilize them, I noticed that on the Hot Pink’s surface there were some damages–there were several places where it looked like somebody dragged their finger across it and “smudged” it. (Try to take a picture but the spots don’t show up on my crappy camera.) I can only conclude that this happened because I stored all my silicone toys together when they shouldn’t touch each other–whoops. However, all of my other pure silicone toys were okay, so the cybersilicone really has to be of worse quality than simple silicone.

I also changed the batteries once, and I had to damage the dial or something because there’s a slight scratching noise now, and instead of moving smoothly from low to high when you turn the dial, there are two “loops,” that is: low to high immediately back to low to high, again.  Moral of the story: take care of your sex toys… but still, it’s probably not made of the best quality material that can’t survive my having it for two months without getting damaged in any manner.

In summary: a nice and versatile vibrator for those who prefer more girth. Maybe it’s faults–but for just ~$25? A pretty deal.

3/5 stars