Evolved True Love Amore edition Review

I’m back with a different assessment. The Evolved True Love (Amore edition) is this one–the second traditional vibe I’ve attempted so far.

First of all: the packaging as usual. In sex toys, this is such an significant element, and I’m just half joking. The Amore True Love comes in a tin box that closes on either end with two clasps and lies in what appears to be some velvet-based foam material. The design of the box is kitschy, and I really like it a lot. If it wasn’t on the front for the apparent phallic cutout and “waterproof Amore,” I would likely use it to store on my desk writing materials. At least to store the Amore itself, which is helpful, it can still be used. I don’t like the foam lining that much. Since the Amore attracts dust like the company of no one, the foam has been an especially bad option. My first experience with the Amore was trying to shake off, to no avail, the myriad of tiny foam pieces.

The Amore was prepared to go a fast wash later. But then I came across another barrier–the compartment of the battery. This battery compartment I had more difficulty than you’d ever think. It made me feel quite dumb. (After both F and my younger sister attempted and failed, I felt better about myself.) You can discover the battery compartment by unwinding the base of Amore. Two AA batteries are taken by the Amore. Hold on: more specifically, only the finest type of AA battery is taken by the Amore, and not if it is already used. First, I attempted the unknown battery brand generously supplied by Vibrator.com. (No batteries are included in the Amore itself.) Nothing. I was flipping around the+/-poles. Nothing yet. (The little sticker on the cabinet stating which battery should have its + pole facing upwards was not really a large help because if I turned the Amore around, the two poles on the sticker would flip over again.) I attempted my camera’s Energizer batteries. Nada. (The battery bar on my camera was still fairly near to complete.) After some correspondence with Vibrator.com (I believed this specific Amore might not work), they sent Amore to them and messed up a bit with it, suggesting that I try a better / higher powered battery brand. So I purchased a new Duracells pack. The Amore was working the first time I placed them in. Great! It wasn’t the second time I attempted. Wha? It took me a while to find out that it was necessary to close the compartment very tightly, otherwise it would not operate.

So, on the Amore itself now. Finally. The Amore is made of phthalate-free TPR (thermoplastic rubber), but can not be completely sterilized. Compared to silicone it also feels cheaper and less smooth. One plus is that TPR can be used with all types of lubes, and this vibrator was more bendy than most silicone dildos / vibrators I’ve experienced, although I’m not sure that all TPR vibrators are true.

The Amore comes in a beautiful, iridescent blue color, part of why I picked it up. In his images, however, the Amore looks better than in the flesh. The blue is much more dull compared to the product image of Vibrator.com. It’s semi-see-through as well. You may want to see your toy’s inner workings, but I don’t.

OK, so how does the performance-wise keep the Amore up? It’s waterproof, an instant plus. Strong, if a little unsexually noisy, vibrations. Three vibration settings that you push the button at its foundation through. The vibrator is positioned at the shaft’s tip, which is a great idea. More g-spot vibrations! It’s very girthy as well. The first few tries, probably because of the lack of a tapered head as much as the girth, I couldn’t bring it, and I had to construct up with bigger toys first. Even then, it almost uncomfortably stretched me out. The waves on the shaft did not provide an intense texture, but it was nice that I could feel them. Even at the first setting, the vibrations felt quite beautiful.

To someone who wants more girth, I would suggest this atmosphere. But since the Amore saves you only a few bucks compared to a silicone-sleeved atmosphere, why not get one instead of the silicone-sleeved?


  • Material: Phthalate-free TPR
  • Length: 8″
  • Insertable length: 6 1/2″
  • Circumference: 6″
  • Colors: Blue & Purple
  • Price @ Vibrator.com: $43

3/5 stars.