Heart 2 Heart Cuffs Review

The Heart 2 Heart Cuffs contain three stuff that are vital to a set of cuffs, IMHO: they are inexpensive ($35), beautiful, and well-made. In reality, I’m so caught up with them that I want to attempt to gather the whole collection: another couple of cuffs, blindfold, and whips that have the added value of being decorated with rows of small red hearts that make me think of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (for me, good).

The cuffs are quite easy. To my knowledge, they are produced of true leather from reading the packaging and the description of the item, though shinier and more towards the sort of patent leather. The leather is smooth and smooth. None of the tacky, stiff, unpleasant bullshit with shitty or fake leather. They also come with buckles, studs and D-rings of shiny silver. What’s the best part? They are red and black. Which is my favourite blend of colors (um, just check this blog’s theme). Now I have my lingerie matching cuffs! Yay!

The cuffs are not lined, but they are comfortable, and without chafing I can strain against them. Also, with my fingers, I couldn’t hold the buckle loose, even the cuffs linked to a carabiner. Fairly resistant to escape.

I’m very pleased with these cuffs–it’s good to have something prettier and a little heavier duty, as functional and beautiful as the Sportsheets Under the Bed cuffs are. I have only a few criticisms: #1 The set comes with no connector whatsoever. They’re cheap enough I’m sure that including one wouldn’t kill the business. I don’t have any of them, so I had to steal a carabiner from Nalgenes, one of my roommates.

#2 The cuffs do not appear to suit individuals with thicker wrists / angles. My wrists are small, and I’m using the fourth hole already. I frankly doubt anybody’s got wrists so bony they’d have to use the first or second hole.

#3 If you look at the bottom of the cuff, the holes line is followed by some kind of lengthy cut, which runs down the length of all the holes. It’s not that large deal, and there’s no threat from the cuff to tear away or anything like that. Looking at it, though, is a bit hideous.

#4 I can’t put “2” back in the name of a sex toy. I’m not an AIM teenager, and I don’t want to have sex toys that make me feel one.

You got it there. My BDSM toybox is increasing and it’s a great complement to the Heart 2 Heart Cuffs.