History of Vibrators

When shopping for a new vibrator, there are so many options available today, and the end event is often the initial thoughts. However, have you ever stopped and wondered more about the toys you are looking at, such as when the first adult toy appeared? Keep reading to find out about some cool facts you may not have known about vibrators and other adult toys!

Did you know the first dildo on record is more than 30,000 years old? It was found in a German cave. Then there are the Ancient Greeks who have apparently been influenced by Aphrodite since 400 B.C with their olisbokollikes (‘dildo breadsticks). The Tremoussoir is considered one of the first vibrators, which was invented in France during 1734.

Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville invested the first electric vibrator, with the purpose of relieving muscle aches. This thing weight a massive 40lbs, requiring two people for operation… Not including the recipient.

These new inventions were first used or curing women with ‘hysteria’, the symptoms? Sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, oh and erotic fantasies while having feelings in the lower abdomen and being wet between the legs. Prior to vibrators, Doctors would treat this by applying veggie oil to their hands and massaging the genital area, until climax.

Isn’t history interesting? Now that you know the history of how your favorite toys came to be, you can be glad knowing you are self-treating for hysteria each time you pull it out.