Just in Case Condom Compact II Review

Ta-da! This is my first SexToy.com review, and it is a case of condom storage.

The Compact II Just in Case Condom is intended to look like a compact powder. (There’s a version I that’s a lot more shiny and girlier and it comes in lots of distinct colours, but I preferred the sleek, advanced black version II) There’s a lot of other kinds of condom instances out there (French envelopes, condom cubes…) that you can either take with you when you’re out and around (you know, if you’re in someone you’ve got to fuck in that restaurant bathroom at all). Portable condom cases don’t just save you the embarrassment of getting condoms dicovered by colleagues rudely rifling through your bag, protecting condoms from things you might carry with you that have sharp corners, protecting against future holes, and not exposing them to your body heat, as if you were stashing them in your wallet / pockets.

The Just in Case compact works well as a condom case. It maintains two condoms and snaps open and shut down readily. I also like how it’s designed–with a straightforward logo made of glossy plastic. It also comes with two lifestyle condoms that are complimentary.

What the Just in Case has may not be an added layer of discretion in other condom instances, as it is intended to look like a compact one. I decided to see how well it kept one of the real powder compacts of my younger sister: Exhibit A! As you can see, the compact Just in Case is almost exactly the same size and shape as a compact regular. The producers even considered information such as sticking in the same place a manufacturing label on the back. There’s even a small little hole in the back, just like a standard compact (also check out my beautifully classy Winnie-the-Pooh comforter’s reflection): Functionally, I’m not sure what the hole serves. It’s certainly not large enough to allow you to poke (unless you’re carrying pins…).

Here’s what you see when you open the compact: there’s even a mirror inside! Clearly, however, the Just in Case has no powder in it, so anyone curious enough to effectively open it would be confused about why you were carrying an empty compact. To be sure, it would be expensive not to mention inconvenient to use making it an actual powder compact, but adding a powder poof would be a possible improvement.

And it reveals the secret! If you pick up the compact’s “floor,” the condoms will be there. The floor is fairly tamper-proof: it opens up to the mirror portion when you snap the compact open, and another catch holds the ground in place, so you really need to open that compartment to get to it. I.E. You won’t know if you’re not looking for it. Just be cautious to close the two boxes independently, because the ground will not snap back into place if you close them both at the same moment.

So far, I’ve been carrying it with me fairly constantly, and when I touch my hair / lipgloss / eye makeup, I also use it as a hand mirror, and no one I’ve been with has commented on it.

In summary, the only things the Just in Case could do away with are: the emptiness, and the fact that it feels much heavier than a standard compact.

All in all, though, I believe it’s good for its purpose, so it’s 5/5 stars