Love Botz Auto Banger Sex Machine Review

Do you have nights when you find your vibrator and classic dildo just isn’t craving your appetite? When you want more, with no strings attached and go all night if you choose, the Love Botz Auto Banger is the machine for you!

When you want hard core pleasure, don’t pass up on this as it even looks aggressive! It constantly thrusts without stopping, and the best part is there are various attachments so you can change your experience as needed. It has a low and high thrust setting to give you that nice slow thrust, or a faster hardcore thrust.

The overall thrust is just under 2”, while the pink dildo is 6.25” and the realistic dildos are 4.25” and 6” insertable. With an overall measurement of just 8 inches by six inches, taking this thing with you on trips can be easily done. It would it great in a suitcase, or even an oversized bag!

When it comes to getting off, let it be under your terms and when you want it. No matter if you want it fast or slow, the Love Botz is the toy for you. It plugs into the wall, so you never have to worry about charging or buying batteries to be ready, just needs an outlet.

The price tag is a little steep at around $399, but it is cheaper compared to some alternative sex machines that can cost as much as a used car.

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