Lovemoiselle Cecile Review

TabuToys ‘ Lovemoiselle Cecile falls short as a vibrator, yet after the first moment I used it, I wanted to hold it, and it was my go-to toy for about a month. Cecile is a luxury toy in every sense of the word–it’s not meant to be enjoyed for a quick-and-dirty wank break. Aromatic candles and mood music preferably.

Cecile is made of ceramic–a material that I never attempted before and was very enthusiastic about–and is lovely from an esthetic point of view. I admire an elegant, minimalist design–white, with two tiny flower patterns. The atmosphere tapers into the compartment of the battery, gradually becoming wider, so it feels like a flower itself.

It comes in an equally elegant box with a booklet of data and a pouch of velvet storage. I’m not using the pouch because it’s not covered, so I’m worried it’s not going to be enough to safeguard Cecile from cracking or breaking. But the box is a ideal storage device. It’s fairly tiny and comes with Cecile’s “mold” foam, preventing it from being jostled around. The booklet gave me helpful information about the toy, ceramic as a material for sex toys, and how to take care of it. You can find the same information on the website of Lovemoiselle.

Ceramic is great as a material for sex toys. It’s difficult and unyielding, unlike silicone, but much heavier than steel. It can be baked and refrigerated. It is also non-porous, and with 10 percent bleach solution or alcohol it can be sterilized. However, due to the electrical components, you can’t boil it or put it in the dishwasher. Well, you might just be able to dip the shaft into a boiling water pot, I guess.

I had my own ceramic preconceptions. I was expecting Cecile to be fragile, which wasn’t the case. Cecile definitely feels very solid, and I don’t hesitate to put it in me and thrust it away. Be cautious not to drop Cecile, however, and do not expose it to drastically distinct temperatures suddenly.

What’s nice about Cecile is that both as a dildo and a vibrator it doubles up. I attempted it as a dildo for the first time. Cecile felt cool (thank you, cold northern winter) slipping into me, but rapidly warmed up to my body temperature. As I pushed Cecile inside and outside of me, it feels like this… smoothness inside me, not an object. And, god, soft Cecile. It’s difficult and sleek compared to silicone, and just requires a dab of lube to be used comfortably. Cecile also has light ridges that greatly improve the Cecile’s feeling.

The point of straight-shafted toys I have never really understood. I mean, there’s a G-spot, isn’t every toy that should be created to identify it? I would prefer Cecile to be more curved than it is, but I could quickly reach my G-spot by angling the toy or my hips. Also, some bloggers complained in other reviews I read that the toy was awkward being broader at the base. But since I can’t even get that much of the toy inside me in the first place (usually I only fit about 5 inches of them inside me when I use toys) I didn’t have that issue.

Cecile was incredible as a dildo. I can’t really articulate why, but it feels so nice I want to use it again and again on myself.

Now, Cecile is not performing quite as well as a vibrator.

The toy requires two (not included) AAA batteries and very easily twists off the battery compartment. (After experiences with annoying, fiddly compartments, I have come to appreciate those that actually work.) The vibrations are regulated by a single button on the base–click it to switch it on, then press to cycle through the modes and click it to switch it off for a few seconds. I appreciated that in order to turn it off, I didn’t have to cycle through all the configurations that you have to do with some vibrators. To thrust, I don’t understand the base, I use the tapered end of the ceramic to do that, but if you prefer to hold on to the base, you may have some difficulty by accident pressing the button.

Cecile has five different vibration settings:

– constant – low intensity
– constant – high intensity
– pulsations – high intensity
– pulsations – low – medium – high – [pause] – high – high – high
– pulsations – high intensity – long – short – short – short – short – long

For some reason I anticipated Cecile to rattle very loudly as it was made of ceramic. Don’t ask me why I was expecting that; most vibes are made of plastic, a hard material, and they don’t rattle. On the noisy side, though, Cecile is a little bit concerned about my neighbor hearing me using it. Slender walls.

On my clit and inside of me, I attempted Cecile. The vibrations for my clit were not powerful enough. And coming from me, it tells a lot about that. I don’t need very powerful vibrations in order to get off compared to other sex bloggers I understand. When many sex bloggers complain that even the greatest setting is too fragile, I can get off the Lelo vibe on a medium environment. Inside, Cecile wasn’t doing it for me. Vibrations on my inner walls don’t really do much, and I couldn’t maneuver Cecile against my G-spot to vibrate well. The last two configurations from Cecile just confused my vagina. It’s too complex.

I love this Cecile. Thrusting it in and out of me, with Mia on my clit, actually creates a luxurious orgasm. It doesn’t label it as a vibrator though.


– Type: Traditional vibrator
– Length: 8″
– Diameter: 1.5″
– Material: Ceramic
– Vibrations: 2 speeds + 3 pulsation patterns
– Other features: slightly ridged
– Powered by: 2 AAA batteries
– Color: White with lavender accents
– Price @ $97

4 out of 5 hearts.