Review: bswish bcurious

Throughout my sex toy reviewing career, I have only ever reviewed two clitoral vibrators – both of them Lelo toys. This is somewhat surprising, considering that I get off from clitoral stimulation more often than anything else. I suppose my dildo obsession simply overpowers my love of clitoral stimulation. Anyway, when I saw that the bswish bcurious was being offered for review, my interest was piqued. It was a perfect chance to try out a clitoral vibe from a new company.

I was drawn to the bcurious’s design – the black and pink color scheme and curved shape – and that it’s rechargeable. Besides the Lelo toys and Fun Factory’s click-n-charge line (which is relatively new), I’m hard pressed to name other rechargeable clitoral vibes, and I definitely prefer recharging over using batteries.

My feelings about the bcurious are lukewarm. In many ways, it’s an excellent toy, but there are a couple of things that bug me about it and prevent me from giving it a stellar rating. Firstly, the positive: its shape doesn’t just look snazzy, it feels completely intuitive in my hand. It fits in my palm, my index finger curls over the top and my thumb rests on the controls. It’s not evident from the picture, but a dip runs along the back of the toy that my finger rests in very comfortably. Plus, can we get a cheer for pinpoint stimulation? This is the only clit toy I currently own that is both pinpoint and ergonomic. The Lelo Siri and Layaspot are round and blunt. The Lelo Mia is pointed, but rod-shaped. The Lelo Lily is just a little too small to fit well in my hand. I can see myself reaching frequently for the bcurious for its shape alone.

The bcurious is made of black matte plastic and has pink silicone accents. The charging port is at the side of the toy and is sealed with a tab-like thing similar to what you find in cell phones and digital cameras. The toy is marketed as waterproof and, while I haven’t tried it underwater, the seal and lack of perceivable gaps in the toy make me feel fairly confident about it.

As for the vibrations, there are seven different options: low, medium, high, escalation, pulse, fast pulse, and short-short-short-long pulse. The low is great for warm-up, but I usually switch to medium before long. And here’s the first problem: apparently 3 vibration levels is just not enough for me. I can usually make do with the low and medium settings alone, but sometimes the low is just a little too low and the medium is just a little too high. If there was a mid-point between the two, that would be perfect. As for the patterns, I generally don’t use them much, but I do like the pulse settings alright. Noise-wise, the bcurious emits a buzzing sound that you could probably hear across a room, but not through a wall.

The controls consist of two buttons at the toy’s base: one button turns the toy on, and the other starts the vibrations and cycles through the different settings. The buttons are at the perfect place for my thumb, and depress in a very satisfying pressy-button way. There’s no way to “lock” the controls, but I wouldn’t be worried about traveling with this toy since you need to press both buttons to turn it on. I actually put the bcurious in my checked luggage on a number of flights and long bus rides with no problems. My second issue with the toy, though, concerns the controls: you can press the button to progress to the next setting, but to get to the one before, you have to cycle through them all. Or you can turn the toy off, then on again, to start at the beginning. I find this irritating because I sometimes want to go from the medium to the low setting, and can’t.

The bcurious comes with a manual, a storage pouch, and a charging cord. The pouch is made of what feels like the same material that sweatpants are made of, has a drawstring top, and a tiny tab on the side with the name of the company, but it’s barely noticeable. The charging cord can be plugged into a USB port (!), or into an adapter and then into a regular outlet. Charge it for 2 hours to get 2 hours of play. The control buttons in the base blink blue when the toy is charging, and glow continuously once it’s done.

So there you go. I can’t call this toy a favorite, but I definitely like it and wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend it to anyone else.