Wartenberg Wheel Review

SexToy.com’s Kinklab Wartenberg Pinwheel is a classic BDSM toy. It may look a bit like a pizza cutter (actually that’s what J called it when he first saw it), but it was initially used by Wartenberg wheels to test neurological reactions. Because of hygiene problems, it fell into disuse. His medical background and appearance are part of his attraction to me; as are the beautiful sensations he creates. Running it slightly over the skin outcomes in a tickling or slight pricking feeling; you can break the skin if you exert sufficiently intense pressure.

Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Wheel

First try

I attempted it first with J. I got naked, and the sharp tips softly ran over my back and arms as I squirmed and giggled. It was quite an pleasant sensory experience to be naked while he was dressed, and to have the steel points coasting all over me. It is difficult to define. It felt like tickling, but focused on a very tiny region of skin, but very intense tickling. Then he moved on to my breasts and nipples, which began turning me on certainly.

A few times I rode the wheel teasingly over his arms. He believed it was exciting; after a while it would likely get a little overwhelming, which was true for me. After tickling and poking for about 15-20 minutes, I had enough.


I tried to investigate how to wash the wheel if you break the skin of a person and then use it on someone else. Obviously, since you get blood on the tool, that can be hazardous. Google did not yield any outcomes; I received the most answers from Twitter:

  • -soak it in a 10% bleach solution for 1-2 minutes
  • -boil it-wash it down with “medical wipes”
  • -sterilize it in an autoclave (can be found in tattoo parlors and used for a nominal fee); if any other technique is used, wait at least 21 days before using someone else.

Get a bottle of betadine (or any brand of povidone iodine) in the drug / grocery shop. It’s a particular antibacterial sterilizer most frequently used to prepare individuals for surgery. Put in a container a little bit and add water. You’re going to want it to be a color of “tea.” Place the wheel inside, soak it for at least 10 minutes. The dry.  Just notice that after continuous use, the povidone iodine will ultimately stain the container. Rinse your hands after using it, but if you’re attempting to be totally sterile, I’d recommend wearing gloves while handling the wheel during the sterilization phase or washing your hands with povidone iodine. May I also recommend that you use warm water.

I have yet to determine whether this wheel is made of surgical-grade, non-porous steel, which is the only secure material that could be shared. No data could be found on Kinklab’s website.

Also the wheel comes with a beautiful sheath of leather that snaps off.

Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Wheel

Overall thoughts

I don’t really have much to say about this product; either it works for you or it doesn’t, and I don’t see a lot of chance, or NEED, to change any kind of basic shape and look.

I really like Pinwheels from Wartenberg. I’m happy to have one.


  • — Type: BDSM / Medical Fetish Toy
  • — Length: 7′′
  • — Material: Steel
  • — Price@ Sextoy.com: $14.8

4 Out Of Five hearts!

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