Review: Nobessence Romp

There aren’t many sex toys that make me feel like writing love letters, so I figure that, if one does, I should ride the inspiration. That said, here is an open letter to the Romp. Creepy? Cheesy? You decide:

Dear Romp,

I just want to let you know that I’m completely and utterly in love, and I don’t ever want you to leave. I heard so many good things about you before we met; that you were a real catch. Sure, I thought at first, but maybe you wouldn’t be right for me… I abandoned that train of thought when I first saw you, and my cunt instantly flooded because of how good you looked. I was enraptured by your glossy sheen and exquisite Cocobolo wood. Even your presentation in a padded box was pleasing to me.

I wanted you in my ass right away. It’s a good thing I had experienced smaller plugs and anal play before, because I didn’t have the patience for much warm-up. This is when I figured out the benefits of your unique – and, I admit, what I found initially odd – shape. Your handle fit my fingers perfectly, and I could easily tilt and turn you to the degree that pleased me most, once you were inside me.

When you first slid in, your tip went in easily, and I had some trouble with the bulge, but when you were finally in? You were the perfect fit for my ass. You didn’t just fill me: it felt like every dip and curve hugged my ass at just the right spot, like you were meant to be there. Your narrow handle settled comfortably between my cheeks, and I could sit down and walk around with no discomfort. Your tip pressed tantalizingly against my vagina – sometimes against my g-spot – so that every motion with you in felt like foreplay.

So, alright – your hard exterior was a little difficult to swallow at first, and you’re quite the expensive date – but I’m so glad I gave you a chance, because everything about you delights me. You don’t just fill me up, like many other plugs can do; it’s like you were made to inhabit me.



I can’t wait to try more Nobessence toys.

Cleaning instructions: Unlike silicone toys, which can be boiled or dish-washed, since the Romp is made of wood with a varnish finish, you should clean it with 10% bleach solution instead, to sterilize it (before sharing).