The Disadvantages of Having a Big Dick

An average man who reads this title may find it totally without sense. After all, men are conditioned with the thinking that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to penis size. Men with smaller dicks do everything they can to make their dicks longer and thicker for the sake of their machismo and sex life. But men who are gifted with bigger appendages do experience downsides because of their size. You don’t believe me? Read on and see for yourself.

It can hurt the partners

While it is true that lots of women and gay men prefer big cocks on partners, there is such as thing as too big for them. This is true especially for women who have normal-sized vaginas. Penises that are seven to nine inches will feel awesome inside the vagina, but it’s another story when it comes to dicks ten inches and above. A woman may feel super stretched out, making intercourse harder and painful. When sex becomes painful, it ceases to be pleasurable. In this case, a super big penis becomes a curse rather than a blessing, especially when it comes to a new partner.

So imagine if you apply this to gay men. Since the anus is way tighter than the vagina, you can only imagine how painful it must be for a gay man to be penetrated in the ass by a jumbo dick. It can lead not only to pain but wounds as well.

It can get very embarrassing clothing-wise

No matter how hard you try, it is hard concealing a nine-inch penis underneath layers of clothing. Wearing briefs may help; forget about donning boxers in which your soldier can hang free. If you happen to be outside and get an erection all of a sudden, it can get very embarrassing for you when people are looking at your crotch as if you are a sick pervert.

It can limit sex positions

This has something to do with the pain factor for the partners. In order to make sex more comfortable, you must stick to positions that do not allow maximum entry into the vagina. Forget about doing furious doggy style with your partner, because this is the best position for deep thrusting.

You can work your way around these hassles by reaching a compromise with your partner regarding the sex positions, in which both of you will enjoy it.